SunFrog Shirts Review

Over the past few decades, T-shirts have become more than simple items of clothing. They are one of the ultimate forms of expression, allowing people to show off a little bit of their own personality and style. For that reason, more and more people are avoiding big brands and mass-produced products that all look the same.

Instead, they are looking to companies like SunFrog, a website that offers customized shirts that really allow the wearer to stand out from the crowd. This site seems to be very fair and welcoming to both artists and shoppers, so it could be the ideal place to find yourself some unique tees to add to your wardrobe.

Our Updated SunFrog Shirts Review for 2019

sunfrog shirtsLet’s begin this review by looking at one of the most important factors for any shopper: the price. We’re glad to report that SunFrog keeps its products very affordable. The company manages to do this by offering a ‘print on demand’ service.

Essentially, this means that the products listed on the site don’t actually exist until you decide to order them. When you place your order, the SunFrog team will go ahead and print out your shirt.

This means that the company doesn’t need to have some huge warehouse with boxes and boxes of tees ready to post out. It also results in less waste, as SunFrog only makes products that are sure to be sold. All of this helps the company to keep its prices low.

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Pricing and Selection: Seller’s View

SunFrog does offer hoodies and other types of clothes, but the main focus here is on T-shirts. Prices will vary, but the average tee will cost you around $20.

Before we move on to talk about the quality of the tees themselves and the range of designs on offer, we have to give a special mention to how well SunFrog looks after its artists. Other companies try to make as much profit as possible from designers, but this one is incredibly welcoming.

New artists are able to post their designs risk-free and will receive payment for every single sale. There are no hidden marketing fees, design expiration dates or unfair rules here. So if you simply want to share your own creations with the world, SunFrog is a great place to start.

Shirt Quality: Buyer’s View

So this is a super company for the sellers, but how about the buyers? Well, we’ve seen that prices on SunFrog aren’t too bad at all, but it’s important to look at the quality of the goods you get. On this point, SunFrog gets another big thumbs-up from us.

For guys, SunFrog makes use of Delta-branded shirts, while the hoodies and feminine tees come from Gildan. Both of these brands are very highly-rated and are used quite commonly in the shirt printing industry.

The shirts themselves are also made from preshrunk cotton, reducing the risk of any unwanted shrinkages in the washing machine. The designs are long-lasting and shouldn’t fade, even with repeated use, so you don’t need to worry about low-quality products from this brand.

SunFrog Shirts Variety and Selection

Now let’s look at the big selling point of SunFrog: its huge range of designs. Working with countless independent artists from all around the world, SunFrog can currently boast of more than a million different designs in its library.

These designs are mostly based around the worlds of geek and pop culture, with popular themes including superheroes and science-fiction. However, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Instead of sticking to just one domain, SunFrog’s designs are incredibly broad. There are shirts based on fitness, animals, jobs, drinking and much, much more. Put simply, with so many designs on offer, there’s sure to be something to suit your own personal preferences.


SunFrog Shirts Website Review

One problem that a lot of sites like SunFrog face is that their libraries are actually too big. With so many options for sale, it can sometimes be hard for shoppers to find the item they want. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with this company. The SunFrog site has been very well designed.

The homepage is attractive and inviting, showing off the latest and greatest designs in a variety of fields. You can click on different logos and categories to narrow down your search. Or, if you have a very specific idea in mind, you can simply make use of the site’s excellent and effective search bar.

These search bars don’t always work the way you hope they will, but SunFrog’s gets the job done. You won’t need to trawl through pages and pages of results to find the designs you like, and that’s a big plus point for this brand.

When it comes to customer service, shoppers are given plenty of ways to get in touch with the friendly and helpful SunFrog staff. There’s a phone number to call, or you could fill in an email contact form.

The company also runs accounts on all of the big social networks and will endeavor to respond to any queries as quickly as possible. Shipping isn’t the fastest due to the company’s print-on-demand system, but you won’t be waiting much longer than a week to receive your order.

Overall, we’re impressed with our dealings with SunFrog and think that it is definitely one company for shirt printing fans to keep an eye on.

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