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guide to using 6dollarshirts coupons

How To Use Our 6 Dollar Shirts Coupon Codes

First off, good for you, you thrifty shopper… as if a high-quality printed t-shirt for $6 or less wasn’t enough, you want to tack on a coupon. We get it and got you. As soon as you add a t-shirt to your cart you are forwarded to a confirmation page that includes all of the items in your cart. At the bottom of your cart page you will see this:

Can you guess what the next step is? Just enter your code and click Submit>>. You will instantly see the amount save deducted from your total and you are ready to go through their express checkout process. You will need to enter all of the information they ask for and create an account to complete your order. This is a one time step, and moving forward you will be able to simply log into your account and complete your purchase.

Why Worthy Shirts is Down With 6 Dollar Shirts

The idea behind 6 Dollar Shirts is not new, but has never quite been done as well as they currently are. Their tagline – High Quality Silk Screened T-Shirts Shipped Daily for Only $6 Each – tells you everything you need to know about the company’s structure. They are screen printing tons of t-shirts and selling them cheaper than anyone else online.

We have found dozens of companies with the same exact model, so what makes 6 Dollar Shirts worth talking about? Here are the main reasons we generally ignore cut rate t-shirt printers, but love 6 Dollar Shirts:

  1. The quality of the shirt. Anytime you find a printer at or under $10/shirt online, you have to assume the quality is garbage because 99.9% of the time it is. The official line from 6 Dollar Shirts on which brand they print on is: We print on brands such as Gildan, American Apparel, Hanes, and Delta. We ordered their 10 for $50 promotion with a blend of colors and both men’s and women’s shirts and can confirm that it was a blend of Gildan, Hanes and American Apparel for our order. It appears it the shirt you get depends on what color/sex shirt you are ordering.
  2. The Turn-Around-Time. Put quite simply: 6 Dollar Shirts beats everyone else we tested. Granted we are only 1.5 hours south of their headquarters in Gainesville, but still… our shirt arrived in less than 36 hours.
  3. Return Policy: Anytime we review a t-shirt company that sells really cheap shirts, one of our first thoughts are: okay if this shirt sucks are we going to be able to return it. Almost always the answer is that you are getting a cheap shirt, quit expecting something else. Not with 6 Dollar Shirts, they stand behind every shirt they print and accept returns within a 30 day period.

Additional Company Information

6 Dollar Shirts are designed, printed, and shipped out of their headquarters in Gainesville, Florida. The company was started back in 2005, and has grown steadily as companies around them either gave into selling cheap imported tees, or raised their prices to as high as $30+ per shirt.

We have their contact listed below, but highly recommend you chat with one of their online specialists rather than send an email. It’s the easiest way to get a quick answer to any question.

  • Contact 6 Dollar Shirts
  • Contact Page – Click Here
  • Support Email – custom@6dollarshirts.com
  • FAQ Page (Great Resource) – Click Here
  • 352.371.6536