Bamboo is undoubtedly one of the fibers of the future. Thanks to its incredible attributes and durability, this material is quickly gaining ground in a wide variety of industries. Bamboo is now being used for the production of many different products from towels to clothes, sheets and more.

Advantages of Bamboo Shirts

This fiber has a lot of advantages to offer, so today we’ll be taking a closer look at why exactly you might want to start investing in some bamboo shirts today. Cotton and polyester are slowly being left by the wayside, so there’s no better time for you to join the bamboo revolution.

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Where Bamboo Gets It’s Roots

Bamboo originally comes from Asia where it has been a valuable and widely-utilized resource for hundreds of years. Bamboo stalks have been involved in barrier construction, raft building, textile manufacture, medicinal development and much, much more over the centuries.

In recent times, Western countries have begun to learn more about Eastern culture and tried to incorporate these ancient and time-tested practices into modern life. Bamboo is one great example and bamboo fibers are now being used to create environmentally-friendly shirts that last longer and feel better than traditional clothes.

One great reason why people are starting to consider bamboo shirts is because of the myriad of environmentally-friendly aspects of using bamboo. Cotton farming isn’t the most efficient practice in the world, requiring plenty of labor and the use of gallons of pesticides to ensure that the plants grow healthily. Meanwhile, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet.

Bamboo stalks can grow over a meter in length in just 24 hours and don’t even have any special growing requirements. The plants can simply be left to grow without requiring expensive fertilizers or potentially harmful pesticides. Bamboo doesn’t even need a lot of water to grow healthily, so it can help us save more of the world’s most important resource.

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Why Bamboo Makes a Great Material

In addition, bamboo plants also rid the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. By planting more bamboo, we’re also helping to save the planet and keep global temperatures steady. These plants also release high amounts of oxygen, helping to rid local areas of pollution and improve the quality of the air we all breathe.

Essentially, bamboo is one of the kindest plants to the environment and is easily fully biodegradable. Therefore, unlike products like plastics, bamboo items will not be responsible for poisoning the oceans or polluting the world for years to come; they will simply degrade away naturally.

Bamboo clothes don’t just offer great benefits for the environment and your peace of mind, they’re also replete with advantages for the individual consumer. Bamboo shirts, for example, are famously soft and silky against your skin. They are also completely hypoallergenic, ensuring that they won’t cause any irritation whatsoever. This means that, even if you have very sensitive skin, you can slip on a bamboo shirt and enjoy the comfort it has to offer without any negative side effects.

Why Makes Bamboo Shirts So Comfortable?

To improve that comfort factor even further, bamboo shirts are also more absorbent than clothes made from other materials. This helps to ensure that, as long as you’re wearing a bamboo product, your skin will stay drier for longer on wet days. This type of fabric is also capable of thermo-regulation.

What this means is that bamboo shirts can keep you warm in cool areas, but is also able to help you stay cool on sunny days. This way, you don’t have to spend as much money buying separate clothes for different times of year and can always rely on your favorite bamboo shorts, come rain or shine.

Speaking of the sun, doctors are constantly advising us to wear sunscreen and cover our skin throughout the year. The sun’s UV rays are capable of doing great damage to the skin and even causing certain types of cancer. Some cotton or polyester shirts may look safe to wear but are actually relatively ineffective at keeping you safe from UV radiation. Bamboo products are capable of blocking approximately 97.5% of the sun’s rays.

This will help to keep your skin healthy and safe, making these clothes ideal for vacations or people who live in sunny areas. What’s more, bamboo clothes can even help you stay safe from infections as bacteria find it much harder to live and reproduce among bamboo fibers. This also helps to prevent your clothes from smelling bad.

Overall, the reasons to pick up a few bamboo shirts are numerous and varied. These products are incredibly green, with bamboo being one of the most renewable and eco-friendly resources on the planet. At the same time, the products created from the fibers of this plant are stronger and provide greater comfort than clothes made with traditional materials. If you want to add some great-feeling clothes to your wardrobe while also doing something good for the environment, bamboo shirts are the way to go.