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Details:Save 40% on any Busted Tees order.
End Date: 8/31/2016


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End Date: 8/31/2016


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Guide to Using Busted Tees Coupon Codes

To me, Busted Tees has mastered the art of t-shirt website user experience. Nothing flashy or too fancy, but the site is fast, familiar, extremely easy to use, and gets you seamlessly from point A to point B. So it stands to reason that using a Busted Tees coupon is quite easy as well.

You will start by selecting your shirt design, then style which has options like shirt, sweatshirt or kid’s shirt. Next select your size and add the shirt to your cart. You will notice that as soon as you add an item to your cart on the Busted Tees website that a bar appears at the top with a countdown and ‘checkout now’ button. Not only is this convenient, but necessary. Busted Tees has become so popular that many of their designs will sell out in a size almost as soon as they add it to their website. So they came up with a way to reserve your shirt for a limited time while it’s in your cart and you are shopping.


busted-tees-coupon-guideClicking the checkout now button will redirect you to your cart and start the checkout process. On this page you will find the image to the right in the right sidebar of the page. Clicking the blue link will bring up the coupon box and allow you to use one of our promo codes. You won’t see the discount immediately taken off from your total, but once you fill in your payment and shipping information and click ‘Place Order’ you will see the final total shows the discount.

What You Will Love About Busted Tees

The biggest difference between Busted Tees and the majority of other t-shirt companies is the number of quality, legitimately funny shirts they have in their catalog. Our favorite thing about their catalog is that it is updated and relevant… We have been in the t-shirt industry for nearly 5 years now, and I can several different companies (well known t-shirt companies) that have featured the same shirt on their homepage for 5 years. Not with Busted Tees. No matter what category you are talking about, they have a shirt for the latest fads and trending topics.

Beyond just the quality of the designs, the overall shirt quality is above average as well. The shirts are generally 100% cotton, but you will find certain shirts that are printed on blends. The shirts themselves are comfortable and fit well, the print/ink is as good as we have seen… deep and printed to last. The bottom line is that if you love the shirt’s design then you will love the shirt.

Additional Company Information

Busted Tees has become a mainstay in the t-shirt industry over the past decade. They have grown in popularity thanks to just how fresh and funny their shirts are. This is a result of them teaming up directly with some of the best comedy writers from CollegeHumor and other New York City comedians. The Busted Tees team has brainstorming sessions with comedians where they propose and review tons of different t-shirt ideas. This model has led to some of the funniest t-shirt designs we have seen to date.

Despite this popularity and growth, Busted Tees still does a tremendous job with customer support. This includes by email on the website, and even by phone. You can find their contact information and links to social profiles below.

  • Busted Tees Contact Info
  • Phone Number – 1-877-BUSTED-3
  • Support Email – support@bustedtees.com>
  • FAQ Page – http://www.bustedtees.com/faq
  • Located in New York City, NY