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With so many different T-shirt sites on the internet, it can be quite a challenge to find the right one for you. Design By Humans is the brand we’ll be looking at today. This company got started back in 2007 and places a huge emphasis on elements like creativity and community input. The site features countless designs from thousands of artists who are located in all four corners of the globe.

Brand new designs are added on a regular basis, so it’s always interesting to check out the site each day and take a look at the latest additions. With such a lot of emphasis on creativity and fresh styles, you’re sure to find something unique that can appeal to you on the Design By Humans website.

Design By Humans Website Usability Overview

Speaking of the website, let’s begin by taking a look at how it works and how easy it is to navigate. Some T-shirt companies struggle to create efficient sites and force their customers to browse through countless pages of designs. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with Design By Humans.

t-shirt guide - design by humans

The company deserves plenty of credit for having an excellent website that is very easy to use. Everything is broken up nicely into categories, allowing you to save time and find the designs you’re looking for in seconds. There are separate sections for men’s, women’s and kid’s T-shirts, along with tabs for art prints and other products sold by the site.

What works especially well is the site’s search bar. You simply need to type in a couple of keywords that describe your design and you’ll instantly be taken to the relevant products. This is a big timesaver and is one of the site’s biggest advantages. Upon viewing your search results, the site even offers you lots of different filters and categories to narrow down your options.

You can search for specific colors, themes, products and more. The site also allows you to view the latest designs at the click of a button and check out the latest community news and updates easily too. Overall, the experience of browsing and shopping with Design By Humans is excellent.

t-shirt guide - design by humans

Design By Humans T-Shirt Pricing

So it’s easy to buy products, but how much do they cost? Well, the vast majority of Design By Humans adult-sized T-shirts cost around $24. Kids’ products are a little cheaper, coming in at around $20 on average. The same sort of prices apply to the site’s tank top collection, while you’ll have to pay a little more for baseball tees or hoodies. Overall, given the quality of the shirt, these prices aren’t bad at all.

This isn’t the cheapest site around but you get what you pay for, with the quality of the shirts being particularly pleasing and the designs themselves very attractive. To sweeten the deal, the site often runs a variety of promotions that will help you save money on your orders. Shipping prices aren’t bad either and you can even benefit from free shipping on orders over $75.

Let’s keep in mind when discussing $20 t-shirts, that our average Design by Humans promo code will save you 15% on your total purchase. So, after applying one of our promo codes, your average t-shirt purchase is going to be closer to $17.

Design By Humans Variety and Selection

design-by-humans-t-shirt-designsNow let’s talk about the designs themselves. The range of T-shirts on offer is what will really catch your interest when browsing the Design By Humans site. There are thousands of great-looking designs that will really help you stand out from the crowd. While some sites tend to specialize in one or two main categories or styles, Design By Humans has a truly vast collection.

Whether you’re looking for a geeky gaming T-shirt to reflect one of your hobbies, or a cool urban design to turn a few heads while you’re out and about, this site should have something for you. New designs are always being added and the site even offers a range of graphics inspired by famous products and brands like Star Wars, Marvel Comics and more.

The site also places a big emphasis on community input. The DBH Collective program allows artists to express themselves and show off their latest designs, so you can even start following individual designers and checking out their newest updates.


Are You Interested in Being a DBH T-Shirt Designer?

Anyone can sign up to become an artist with DBH and start uploading their own designs, and this initiative really helps to ensure that the site will always have lots of fresh content for you to purchase. Design By Humans also runs a variety of contests to encourage people to create great-looking designs based on particular themes or brands. Again, this helps to expand the catalog with top quality products.

The site also posts regular news updates via a blog and various social media accounts. This, combined with Design By Humans excellent customer service operations, helps the site to stay in touch with its customers. You can ask questions and get advice from friendly staff members in minutes, which is another big plus. Overall, Design By Humans is a great T-shirt site.

The products themselves are of good quality and the vast majority of designs are very attractive. If you’re looking to add some soft, long-lasting items to your wardrobe and need a design that appeals to you, check out Design By Humans.