Get Paid for Designing Shirts for RedBubble

If you are currently working or freelancing in graphic design, did you know that RedBubble can help you can turn your designs into cash? RedBubble’s selection of t-shirts are custom designed by hundreds of designers around the world. Anyone with a t-shirt design can upload it to their own private shop on RedBubble and get paid a commission for every sale they make.

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RedBubble also gives you the option to adjust your commission. Want to sell more shirts at a better price? Lower your commission. Want to make more per shirt? Raise the price of your shirt and keep the difference. This is the most basic feature a RedBubble designer can expect to find, let’s take a closer look at our top reasons to start designing for RedBubble.

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RedBubble Treats Their Designers Right

RedBubble has long been one of the more designer-friendly t-shirt websites on the planet. They understand that their relationship with their designers is the most important they have, and it’s one that they don’t take for granted. Case in point, last week they announced on their blog that designers will now get paid faster by dropping their payment threshold to $0.

Previously, designers had to hit $20 to get paid, and now they get paid when they want and for any dollar amount. This may not seem like a lot, but given the size of the RedBubble artist community, it’s estimated that they will have to pay out over $1.2 million in sales that were otherwise stuck under the threshold.

In the end, this move was all about their artists. Particularly, their new artists that may need that little bit of incentive to keep uploading new designs and to keep sharing those designs within their network.

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RedBubble Website Rocks

When it comes to UX, nobody in the industry can compete with RedBubble’s user-friendly, responsive website. It used to be a complete hassle for designers to upload their work and ensure that it’s print ready. From plugins that don’t work to week long processes that often ended in a rejection, the effort needed to get a design online was hardly ever worth the payoff. RedBubble has streamlined every process an artist has to go through to upload a new design.

Beyond just the UX, RedBubble has built in so many tools that make managing, organizing, and optimizing your collection a breeze. You can effortlessly sort your collection, rearrange items, add and edit titles and descriptions, and more. Anything you could expect to do with your own private website can be done even easier on RedBubble’s.

If you are going to be working in a website daily, it had better function right and look great, and RedBubble has both of those areas covered.

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Tracking Your Shop

This is our favorite feature RedBubble has integrated, and it’s such an easy thing for a t-shirt website to do, yet RedBubble is the only one doing it. RedBubble has integrated their shops with Google Analytics. You can add your tracking code to the head of your shop’s pages. This gives you complete access to your shop’s traffic data. Understand where your visitors are coming from, what items they are clicking on, and where they are bouncing from your shop. Use this data to then funnel your visitors to the designs that convert the best.

Setting up Google Analytics within your shop is extremely easy, their website walks you through the entire process. Once you have added your tracking code, you can start viewing your page’s analytics almost immediately.

RedBubble also has tools to help you promote your designs. Their entire website is multilingual, helping you sell t-shirts around the world. Best of all, they handle all of the grunt work, and you take the profits. Let RedBubble handle printing, quality concerns, shipping, customer service, returns, shipping, and everything else you don’t want to deal with. You worry about creating great designs and generating sales.

Whether it’s just some passive income, a hobby, or something you see as a potential full time gig, RedBubble is a great way for designers to make money doing what they love.