If you’re reading this article then you’re probably interested in the world of t-shirt printing. Whether you’re looking to set up your own business or invest in a new machine, you need to make the right decisions when it comes to printing equipment. There are a lot of different printers out there and some of them are much more effective than others, offering reliability and efficiency that simply cannot be matched.

What is the Best T-Shirt Printing Machine for 2015

Today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at three of the best printers in the business, with all of them being direct to garment (DTG) models. These printers are perfect for new startup businesses or experienced printing providers.


If you’re looking for a top quality DTG printer but you don’t have a huge amount of funds to work with, look no further than the Viper. This machine is especially well-suited to new users and startup companies who are looking to break into the industry. It offers all of the functionality you could ask for at a decent price. Rival machines in the same bracket simply cannot match the Viper for performance levels. In fact, most of the machines at the same price are only capable of printing on lightly-colored fabrics, while the Viper DTG printer is more than capable of printing onto darker textiles. The images this machine produces are of the highest quality, with plenty of minute details that provide for a fantastic finished product every time.

dtg viper

This machine also features a 4-2-1 platen system, allowing you to print on multiple textiles simultaneously. You could, for example, print a small logo or simple design on four different items. If you’re looking to print something larger then the machine is capable of printing on two big t-shirts at once. The “1” in that “4-2-1” title means that if you want to print an exceptionally large design on something like a towel or hoodie then you’ll have to do those individually. To make printing even simpler, the Viper features a WIMS (White Ink Management System) filter. When printing on dark fabrics, the machine needs to emit a small layer of white ink first. This allows the individual colors to settle properly and produce a well-defined design. However, white ink has the unfortunate habit of separating if left to settle, so the WIMS filter keeps it agitated.


If you’re looking into buying a printing machine these days, the M2 will probably be near the top of your list. This is easily one of the most popular machines available at the moment and with good reason. It offers some exceptional functional and printing speeds while still remaining at a reasonable price when compared to some of its high-end rivals. This machine is the perfect compromise between the other two items on our list today. It has the median price point and feature-set, making it a solid option for people in need of a reliable all-around machine. When compared to the Viper, the M2 is simply faster. It works by printing two different textiles simultaneously, rather than one at a time. This means you can print things much more quickly and save time, boosting the efficiency levels of your business.

dtg m2 printer

Another great thing about the M2 is the incredible software it comes with. When you purchase a t-shirt printing machine, you usually need to set aside additional funds to purchase a suite of software to make the most of your new printer. With the M2, the software you need is included with the device itself. Specifically, the M2 arrives with some excellent RIP Pro software and a great bonus program called GIMP which allows you to create your own designs with ease. You might want to add some extra software to your library, but you really won’t need to. The M2 comes with everything you need to get going and this represents a really big saving compared to other machines.

dtg m4 t-shirt printing machine


Now we’re onto the most powerful machine in the list. The M4 isn’t too dissimilar to its little brother, the M2, in terms of general functionality, but it is twice as fast. This machine is capable of using four platens at once, printing on four differing garments simultaneously. Once again, this gives you a huge efficiency boost and allows you to print much more quickly than with the other two machines on this list. Combined with some effective software, the M4 allows you to sit back and relax while the machine does the work, rather than having to constantly adjust things. You can load up four t-shirts and leave the M4 to work its magic. This is the most expensive machine on today’s list, but it can certainly save you money and time in the long run as it works so effectively. The M4 is probably best-suited for larger companies who need to have a high output level.