Geek culture is on the rise, with more and more people getting interested in things like superheroes, science-fiction and technology. A great way to make a statement and share a part of your personality with the world is by simply wearing a great T-shirt.

Where to Buy the Best Geek T-Shirts

There are a lot of different T-shirt companies out there nowadays, with the internet being a great place to find some super designs. Here, we’ll take a look at the five best places where you can find some great geek T-shirts.


In a similar fashion to sites like CafePress, RedBubble allows you to customize and create your own designs. You are also able to choose from an enormous selection of pre-made designs, created by people from all around the world. With hundreds of thousands of artists working with the site, you’ll easily be able to find a unique design that really speaks to you and stands out from the crowd.

A particularly appealing thing about buying a shirt from RedBubble is that it’s almost impossible for you to spot someone wearing the same one as you; this helps to make the T-shirt really feel like it’s your own.

If there’s one drawback about RedBubble, it’s their prices. The site doesn’t run the best sales and their regular prices are pretty high when compared to the competition. If money isn’t a problem for you then this criticism isn’t really valid, but most people, particularly students or young shoppers, won’t be too happy spending $30 or more on simple T-shirts.

That said, the site is still a great place to shop and is also very easy to navigate. You can even search using simple tags to find the sort of designs you like the most. Find out more about RedBubble in our full review here.

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Busted Tees

Busted Tees are one of the most popular T-shirt sites on the internet. They offer a whole range of exciting and attractive designs for a wide variety of interests and styles. They also tend to price their products quite fairly and run regular sales and promotions to encourage shoppers to spend more. If you happen to find yourself on the site at the time of a sale, you can get yourself plenty of great-looking items for very good prices.

If there’s a complaint to be made about BustedTees, it’s that the quality of their T-shirts isn’t the best. That’s not to say that their products aren’t decent quality, but they aren’t the very best when compared to other brands. Depending on your own standards and body shape, you may be slightly disappointed with the fit and feel of BustedTees’ products, but they are still perfectly acceptable and some people won’t even notice any problem.

T-Shirt Bordello

where to find geek shirtsT-Shirt Bordello is known for its humorous designs that are sure to provoke a few laughs from your friends and family. On the other hand, the design of their website is rather poor. It’s a little tricky to navigate around the Bordello site, but if you have a bit of patience and take the time to search around, you can find some really great-looking clothes.

They’re also very generous over at T-Shirt Bordello, offering a free shirt for every three you purchase. This way, you can really amass a nice little collection for a very reasonable price. Their designs are also quite striking, but some of the messages might be a little too bold for some people.


Next on the list is SnorgTees, a brand specializing in humorous T-shirt designs. Snorg do a lot of good work, updating their catalog of designs every single week with fresh creations. They also use good quality American Apparel shirts for their products, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your items will last a good number of years without the classic signs of wear or tear.

You’ll have to spend a little bit more than on other sites, but you get excellent value for money with Snorg Tees. They have a good range of designs on offer and run plenty of interesting sales too.


Threadless is a great T-shirt provider. They provide excellent quality products at great prices, with plenty of interesting and exciting designs to choose from. The cool part about Threadless is that all of their designs are user-created.

You can even go ahead and send off your own creations too. This all means that you’ll be getting a truly unique product, and that the Threadless catalog of shirts continues to expand with every passing day. It’s great to visit the site on a regular basis and take a look at the latest offerings.

The site even runs little polls to decide which designs will be put up for sale. This helps to act as a form of quality control, ensuring that the site will only offer the very best creations. The site also does a lot to get in touch with its community by running little design challenges and competitions, inspiring artists to try and make new things.

Their products also sell for around $15 and can drop as low as $10 at sale times. Overall, this is one of the very best places to try and find some geek T-shirt designs.