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Top Zazzle Coupon Codes for December


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Guide to Using a Zazzle Coupon

When it comes to using your Zazzle coupon code, it could not get easier… Once you are finished shopping, you will either need to sign into your Zazzle account or register if you don’t already have one. Once you are registered and signed into your account, you’re not only ready to checkout, but to take advantage of all of the great benefits that come along with the Zazzle website and community.

There are two ways to checkout on First follow the steps you see after adding an item to your cart and registering, or simply click the cart icon in the header and immediately checkout. The graphic below this section shows you exactly where to add your Zazzle coupon using the second method. Let’s continue assuming your following the step-by-step procedure most customers use.

Ok, so you are signed in and ready to use our coupon code, start by either entering or updating your shipping and billing information. Remember that you need to set a second address for your billing address if billing and shipping are not the same. On the next screen you will simply select your shipping speed and click ‘continue’. The next screen is where you will select your payment method and apply your Zazzle coupon code. Simply copy the code you wish to use, paste it into the promo code box under your order summary box and click appy. You will need to verify that the coupon is active and that it took the correct amount or percentage off your total.

We always recommend trying out several different coupons to verify that you are saving the most money possible on your order.

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Why You Are Going to Love Zazzle…

Depending on what circles you run in, you may or may not think of t-shirts when you think Zazzle, but the Zazzle community is putting out some of the best shirts available right now. The cool thing about is that it is powered completely by users, so the t-shirt designs on the site are always fresh. Even the best printers out there only update their selection once a week at most.

With a user-powered selection, you will find a blend of great shirt designs and terrible shirt designs, but there is no shortage of options so you will have a fun picking through all of the latest and most popular designs. On each shirts page you will find a link to the designer’s Zazzle profile and can check out their other products.

If you are interested in designing t-shirts for print, just come up with a unique design and submit it to their catalog through your account/sell page. It’s that simple, and you will earn a royalty that you set (your item’s price goes up as your royalty goes up).

The thing we were most concerned with on our first order was the brand of t-shirt these were printed on. We didn’t do a ton of research, but were unable to find the brand prior to ordering, so we ordered one of each of the three types of shirts they advertise. The first we ordered was a ‘basic mens’ t-shirt, which is a Hanes tagless tee. The second that we ordered was another basic but was not labeled tag-less on the Zazzle website, and ended up being American Apparel. The third we order was a Zazzle ‘value tee’ which only comes in white and is a Hanes heavyweight shirt.

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It’s most likely that you will receive your order printed on a Hanes tagless t-shirt. To be completely honest my Hanes tagless t-shirt was the first I received and I was initially disappointed that Zazzle was printing $25 t-shirts on Haines, but the wear is actually quite comfortable and the fit is above average. If you dig into Hanes tagless t-shirt reviews, you will find that they are actually well reviewed on nearly every website that sells them. I still prefer the American Apparel, but was pleasantly surprised by the Hanes shirt as well.

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